Faith Deliverance Tabernacle also known as Rhema Ministry was established by Apostle Devon McSween as an act of obedience to the call of God. The first service was held in an unfinished building (with no roof) in June 2006 with twenty one persons in attendance. The ministry was subsequently registered as non profit company 087 of 2006-4080 within the Island of Grenada. A few years prior, a portion of land was purchased in the community of Morne Tout, Grand Anse, St. George’s Grenada with this purpose in mind and as time went by it was apparent that this mandate was becoming increasingly important given the upsurge in violent activity in the area. 


 Initially a ply-board structure was erected on the site and housed the main sanctuary, offices as well as bathroom facilities with seating for approximately one hundred and seventy five (175) persons. The ministry quickly outgrew the facility and the adjacent property was purchased in 2007 during which time construction commenced on the structure that is presently occupied. The present sanctuary at Morne Tout is a ninety by thirty square feet building which includes the main sanctuary, offices and school. Upon completion of the initial portion of the current building, the original structure was removed and rebuilt at Windsor Forest in St. David’s where services commenced on the 25th December 2007. Pastor Jonathan LaCrette is the Pastor in Charge of this branch of the ministry. 


Our vision is not limited to the present communities within which we serve but we continually seek avenues within which we can propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and expand the Kingdom of God, here in Grenada and internationally. This is evidenced by the recent establishment of the Union Island, St. Vincent branch of the ministry. 


The main thrust of this ministry is Evangelism as prescribed in Jesus’ directive to go into the entire world and preach the Gospel and over the years we have embarked on a number of initiatives geared towards the fulfillment of this commission:


  • Overseas Missions: Historically as a region, we have become accustomed to receiving missionaries to our islands. We believe that we are not exempt from this responsibility and from our inception have sent teams to many Caribbean countries, the United Kingdom, Africa, the United States of America and Canada.


  • Campaign for Jesus: During the buildup to the July 2007 general elections in Grenada, it was observed that many people were campaigning for the various political parties who of and by themselves could not bring the change that this nation required. We therefore had a street march from Grand Anse to the town of St. George declaring God as the answer to our nation’s problems and not any particular political party. We have since had many such events throughout the nation with the same singular purpose.


  • Grenada Be Free: This activity first held in 2008 coincides with Grenada’s annual Thanksgiving, celebrating our nation’s return to democratic rule after the assassination of former Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and members of his cabinet in October 1983. It aims to be a reminder that while as a people we commemorate those events, it is important to be cognizant of our even greater need for God and His continued intervention in our nation.


  • Out-Door Ministry: Periodically we host “street-corner” open air meetings and in various communities throughout the island.


  • Pre-Primary School: At the end of 2007 we were informed that a Pre-Primary school in the community was closing its doors at the end of the December term. In February 2008 we assumed responsibility for its operations in keeping with our mandate and desire not just to be a church but to cater to the wholistic needs of the people we serve. We continued to manage its operation until all students were effectively placed in their next phase of education.


Rhema Ministries

Future Social Development Plans:

  • A subsidized day care facility which will provide a hot meal daily and a Christian foundation for its charges.


  • A school leaving and skills training program for persons within the community who have not attained that level of education.  


  • A supervised after-school program and internet café which will seek to cater to the needs of the young people within the entire community.


  • Expansion of the existing feeding program which will be conducted in conjunction with other social activities to bring the community together.


We firmly believe that once people’s spiritual, emotional and physical needs are met, they would be better able to contribute to the positive development of our society.  We look forward with anticipation to greater things happening as the power of God changes lives and ultimately the entire communities where we serve.