Our Vision:
Our vision arises from our understanding of what God purposes to do for and through His church.

The Church is determined to be:

  • A movement committed to the authority of Holy Scripture for faith and direction.

  • A fellowship whose worship brings God’s power into the life of The Church and extends that power through the lives of members.

  • A body that is directed by the Spirit, fully understanding that baptism in the Holy Spirit is both a personal blessing and an endowment of power for witness and service.

  • A people constantly hungry for God, desire to experience the presence of God and will be in awe of Him as He changes believers into conformity with Christ.

  • A church where the focus is on the entire congregation and where all members are encouraged to exercise spiritual gifts in ministry.

  • A Church that loves all people and stands opposed to any action or policy that discriminates against any group or individual because of race, color or nationality.

  • A movement that evidences love and concern for the hurts and loneliness of the unsaved through aggressive evangelistic, discipling and nurturing ministries.

  • A church that is Christ centred, people oriented, and need sensitive in all its programs and minisries.

  • A movement that promotes policies and ministries which reflect an open, sincere effort to remain relevant to each generation.


Our Values:

  • G = Great Commission Focus


  • R = Responsive to God's Word


  • A = Authentic Relationships


  • C = Committed to Prayer


  • E = Engaged in Ministry


Our Priorities:

  • PERSONAL INTIMACY through communion with Christ and community with one another.

  • LOCAL INFLUENCE through the demonstration and declaration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, leading to genuine salvation.

  • NATIONAL INSPIRATION of genuine spiritual renewal across the world.

  • GLOBAL IMPACT through an extraordinary commitment to praying, giving and going into the entire world.