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Our Ministry Leaders

Apostle Devon A. McSween Sr.

Apostle Devon Aaron McSween Sr. a native of Grenada is the Senior Pastor of Faith Deliverance Tabernacle widely referred to as Rhema Ministries, which is headquartered in Grenada with branches in Brooklyn, New York; Union Island, St. Vincent and McDonough, Georgia. He is an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and has been in ministry for the last twenty years. In addition, he has worked extensively throughout Grenada, the Caribbean, the United States, Canada, Africa and the United Kingdom. A graduate of Cornell Bible College and an anointed preacher and teacher of the Word, he is assisted by his faithful wife Co-Pastor Lerryl McSween and a pastoral team at the various branches of the ministry. With a commitment toward evangelism and the salvation of souls, he has a great desire to see both Christians and Non-Christians alike delivered from spiritual bondage, and is dedicated to the task of enabling the body of Christ to fulfill his mandate upon the earth.

Apostle McSween is dedicated to empowering leaders of today with visions of tomorrow to become more equipped for the Kingdom. Through God inspired teachings, he helps restore families, convict, change and encourage people to fulfill their God given destiny. A man after God’s own heart, Apostle McSween strives daily to live God’s mission for his life. God’s plan for his life has proven it’s not what you are in, but who you are in that determines where you go in life.

First Lady Lerryl McSween is well known for her cheerful spirit and her willingness to worship. She is a leader who knows that the true meaning of living a righteous life is to seek God not just through your prayer life or praise, but also with worshipping. She is the Co-Pastor of all the Faith Deliverance Tabernacle branches and works diligently in the service of the Lord with her husband, Apostle Devon A. McSween Sr., Senior Pastor. She is also the mother of four children. Coming from St. George’s, Grenada, First Lady is dedicated and ambitious when it comes to the people and the things of God. Having met Christ at a ‘Healing of The Nation Crusade’ in 1988, she has since been rooted and grounded in her Christian walk. She has been in ministry for 17 years and is one of the Lead worshippers of the churches.

First Lady McSween is a licensed minister of the Gospel who enjoys spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through teaching. Her daily goal is always to impact, invest and make a difference in the lives of God’s people. She is also very candid and an inspirational speaker.

Co-Pastor Lerryl McSween

First Lady spends most of her free time being a mentor to female youths, she teaches them to have confidence in themselves, to take pride in the things of God and most importantly self-worth. Her goal is to empower young women of today to be great leaders of tomorrow by maintaining their position in God. First Lady McSween is a firm believer that worship is real when you have a true relationship with Christ and it becomes your top priority because you can’t come before the King and not offer a gift!

Pastor Jonathan LaCrette

Pastor Jonathan LaCrette, pastors the FDT branch at Windsor forest St. David Grenada. Pastor LaCrette is adroitly assisted by his wife First Lady Charmaine LaCrette, who stands with and supports her husband in every facet of the ministry. He comes from a legacy of pastoral ministry, handed down to him by his father-the late (Rev George LaCrette) who pastored for over 35 years on the island of Grenada. The inheritance of his father's legacy was evident upon his life and affirmed by many. Pastor LaCrette was called into the ministry at age 19 to carry the baton to the next generation. Ordained under the umbrella of FDT ministries and Licensed under the state of Grenada; He is fearless and uncompromising in his revelatory and inspirational delivery of the word of God and has a passion for youth and for worship.

Pastor LaCrette's ability to communicate with the nation’s youth is respected in many circles. His 15 year service in Education as an educator and administrator has earned him this honor. His ministry to youth across the island is impactful and has witnessed the changing of many lives. Pastor LaCrette's academic background in Theology, International Business and Education leadership and Policy has reinforced his experience and effectiveness in ministry. His traveling opportunities to China, the US and the Caribbean has sharpened his international acumen and has given him a global perspective of the Kingdom of God. Pastor LaCrette believes that credibility is a leader’s currency and that integrity and character in ministry must be valued commodities. He therefore strives to embody these elements in his daily walk with God. A man of God who loves God and his people; and desires to be equipped with what it takes to unlock the kingdom potential of God's people. 

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